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The Access to College Excellence (ACE) Program (formerly known as Academic Challenge and Enrichment Program) serves as an integral part of the University at Buffalo’s (UB) effort to promote access and enhances diversity by welcoming a broad range of academically talented students and allowing them access to educational services designed to help them succeed.

ACE is a student support program designed for freshmen who show great potential for academic success but who lack strength in one or more of the standard admissions criteria, identified during the admissions process. Upon committee review, a limited number of students will be offered admission as participants in the ACE Program.

The goal of the ACE program is to provide support services to its students and offer resources needed to maximize their abilities, facilitate the transition from high school to college and ensure successful entry into an academic major at UB.

The ACE Program offers ongoing support to its students during their first two years of study at UB, including individualized academic and personal advising, peer mentoring, tutoring and career guidance. ACE students may utilize many of the services and programs that the Cora P. Maloney College has to offer.

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