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Support Services

Help With Costs

While the Daniel Acker Scholars Program is not a financial aid program, incoming Acker Scholars students who are New York State residents are awarded the SUNY Empire State Diversity Honors Scholarship. Students typically receive $5,000 per year for their four years of undergraduate study, provided that they maintain a minimum 3.00 cumulative grade point average. Out of state students are also eligible and receive a comparable scholarship award. Acker Scholars are also encouraged to apply for additional kinds of financial aid available through UB, as well as for state and federal aid programs.

Individualized Advisement

The Acker Scholars Program, with fewer than 325 students, offers students a small college experience within a large university setting. Acker Scholars receive academic advisement and guidance regarding course selection, choosing majors and participation in co-curricular activities such as research and internships. This support helps to make UB more personal and helps students take advantage of the many services and programs available to enrich their university experience.

Help with Academics and Enrichment

Freshman Seminar Course

CPM 101 Freshman Seminar is designed to facilitate a smooth transition to the university environment and to college level academics. Acker Scholars who are enrolled in the CPM 101 Freshman Experience Seminar develop a better understanding of themselves, UB, and each other. CPM 101 is an excellent source of information, and provides a semester-long orientation to UB both in and out of the classroom.

Tutorial Services

Acker Scholars have access to tutorial services at no cost through the Tutoring and Academic Resource Center. This comprehensive tutorial lab is located in the Silverman Library (UGL) in Capen Hall and serves as a resource where students can receive individual and group tutoring in all disciplines in order to maximize their academic potential. If students need help with classes or are looking for a tutor in a certain course, they can sign up for one in the Tutoring and Academic Resource Center or check out the website for hours, tutor request forms, etc.

Acker Scholars are also encouraged to apply for other student support programs through CPMC, like the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) and the SUNY Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (SUNY LSAMP). CSTEP provides minority and/or economically disadvantaged students with the opportunity to explore scientific, technical and health-related professions.

SUNY LSAMP is a student enrichment and support services program designed to improve the academic performance, retention, graduation and graduate school admission rates of historically underrepresented minority students who are pursuing degrees in the areas of Natural Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Acker Scholars are offered the opportunity to attend conferences to assist in their career development and preparation for graduate and professional schools through CSTEP and SUNY LSAMP.

Preferred Housing

The university reserves a first year interest (FYI) floor in the Governors Complex residence hall for Acker Scholars who live on campus. FYI floors provide students the opportunity to live among other students with similar interests. Students in these communities attend programs and events specifically designed for their area of academic interest. They may attend some classes together, but do not necessarily share class schedules. Each group has a faculty/staff advisor and is supervised by student Academic Assistants who develop programming around an academic theme.

Acker Scholars who live on campus are required to live in Acker scholar housing for the first year only. As sophomores Acker Scholars have the opportunity to join our Shared Interest Housing (SIH) unit in UB’s Greiner Hall, dedicated to Social Justice. Dedicated to the sophomore year experience Greiner Hall provides Acker Scholar sophomores with a living environment that supports their intellectual pursuits and creates opportunities to socialize and exchange ideas in a vibrant setting. The Acker Scholar SIH is dedicated to Social Justice issues in Western New York and the world. Residents will participate in a specialized course for academic credit, fulfilling community service projects and other opportunities to make a difference in the community, on and off campus.

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