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Our alumni have made major contributions in both their careers and communities. Many graduates report that CSTEP played a key role in helping to develop the confidence and skills necessary to navigate through their college years and into their profession.

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Soundbites from CTEP Alumni

Dr. Joel Urena Soundbites from STEP Alumni

Dr. Joel Urena

Biochemical Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry

“CSTEP not only gave me the opportunity to explore various scientific disciplines by attending conferences and gaining hands-on research experience in the laboratory, but it also reinforced my decision to become a physician.”

Mary Akuamoah-Boateng Soundbites from STEP Alumni

Mary Akuamoah-Boateng


“CSTEP exposed me to many environments which helped me refine my goals. The staff was my new family. They provided me with opportunities that helped shaped my life professionally, educationally and socially. I am grateful for such endless support.”

Christine King Soundbites from STEP Alumni

Christine King


“CSTEP is an influential program that allows minority students to grow and be exposed to so many opportunities with a variety of majors. CSTEP is willing to help you continue your level of education and is willing to help you grow in your future professional aspiration.”

Jasmine Worthy Soundbites from STEP Alumni

Jasmine Worthy

Industrial Engineer

“CSTEP helped me realize that success is a journey and not a destination. CSTEP catalyzed a passion and pride for my major by exposing me to professional conferences and smoothing out potholes on the path to becoming an Industrial and Systems Engineer.”

Morris Green Soundbites from STEP Alumni

Morris Green

Civil Engineering MS

“The CSTEP Program was a home away from home, providing the guidance, enrichment and resources to succeed and excel at the University at Buffalo. I was helped tremendously by the program and will always have fond memories.”

Tangier Harper Soundbites from STEP Alumni

Tangier Harper, JD

Graduate of George Washington University

“I truly appreciate the supportive environment, sound advice and resources provided by CSTEP Staff. I very much attribute where I am in law school today to assistance I received from the program, and staff.”

Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo Soundbites from STEP Alumni

Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

Chemical Engineer/Research Scientist
UB School of Engineering Graduate

“CSTEP is my family that understands the rigors of academic life while serving as a fountain of mental, emotional, and physical support. The people, resources, and environment associated with CSTEP were a vital and positive molding force for academic advancement during my impressionable years. The CSTEP pipeline has allowed me to be a tutee then a tutor, a mentee then a mentor, a student then a teacher, an undergraduate researcher then an undergraduate research supervisor. My attainment of a BS and PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering is a direct testament to the program’s effectiveness in contributing to the development of STEM Majors.”

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