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Students are matched with CSTEP Alumni based on the geographical and career area of the student’s choice. Students will spend two to eight hours shadowing their sponsor in their professional roles. The day and length of time are agreed upon by the student and his/her sponsor. Sponsors are expected to introduce their profession, industry or organization and exchange ideas with the student.

Why serve as a CSTEP Connect mentor?

  • Impact someone’s personal and professional development
  • Reflect on your own leadership development and professional goals
  • Develop your own professional network through meeting other mentors
  • Prepare the next generation of leaders for success!

What makes a good CSTEP Connect mentor?

  • Desire and willingness to spend time with the student in purposeful activities and conversation
  • Ability to communicate with and respond to initial student contact with enthusiasm
  • Prepare student for the profession, as to what to wear and what to expect
  • Desire to know the students and their interests and shape the experience accordingly

Don’t forget CSTEP’s motto: “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected”

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