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Graduate School Preparation

CSTEP provides assistance, advice, and support for students preparing to apply to graduate or professional school. We will support you during the application process, as you write and edit your personal statement, secure letters of recommendations and submit your graduate school applications.

Graduate School Application Fee Waiver

CSTEP students can have their application fee waived when applying to select graduate school programs. This will give each of our students the confidence to apply to multiple graduate schools, greatly reducing the cost of applying. In addition, fee waivers play a vital role by increasing the diversity and competitiveness of applicant pools to STEM and graduate programs leading to the licensed professions.

For example, the following schools currently have fee waivers in place for CSTEP students: The University at Buffalo Graduate School, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, SUNY Buffalo Law School, SUNY Brockport Graduate School, Albert Einstein School of Medicine, University of Maryland, Rice University PhD Program, Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science (Columbia Engineering), SUNY Upstate Medical School and the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and Graduate School. These institutions recognize the importance of increasing the representation of underrepresented students pursuing the STEM, allied health and licensed profession. With this partnership, we are confident that CSTEP students will have an impact in the STEM, allied health, and licensed professions and in New York State. CSTEP Graduate School Application Fee Waivers are exclusively reserved for actively engaged CSTEP participants.

For more information about the verification process for the CSTEP Graduate School Application Fee Waiver, please visit the CSTEP Office in 222 Norton Hall. For students interested in applying for graduate programs at The University at Buffalo, visit The Graduate School’s website for more information on the fee waiver process.

CSTEP Kaplan Scholarship

Standardized testing remains an integral component of graduate school admissions criteria. The CSTEP Kaplan Scholarship is available for eligible students applying to graduate or professional school. This scholarship helps CSTEP students prepare for standardized exams required for graduate school admissions.

Several of the licensed professions that CSTEP targets require individuals attend graduate/professional school (i.e. medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, law, etc.). Scholarship recipients have been successful in gaining entrance into graduate school and report that Kaplan preparation courses significantly improved their scores, resulting in increased abilities to compete for graduate school admissions.

You can apply to enroll in the following preparatory courses offered through Kaplan including: GRE, DAT, MCAT, LSAT, PCAT, etc. Each course includes classes, books, online resources, practice tests and personalized study plans.

Workshops & Panels

Invited panelists offer workshops on the following topics. These sessions will help you navigate the graduate school application process:

  • Securing Supportive Letters of Recommendations
  • Researching & Choosing Graduate Schools
  • Graduate School Admission Panel
  • Panel of Current Graduate Students
  • Effective Personal Statements
  • The ABC’s of Graduate School
  • Finding Funding and Fellowships

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