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Past CSTEP Research Mentors and Departments

Mentor Department Project Description
Reem Ajaj AEGD Clinics, School of Dental Medicine Observe and assist in the dental clinic. Handle equipment in the clinic, helped and cleaned after patients. Organize appointments and patient files.
John Aletta Dept. Pharmaceutical Sciences Maintenance of cell cultures, extraction of proteins and nucleic acids from protein cells, gel electrophoresis, western blot analyses.
Pashalis Alexandridis Department of Chemical Engineering Carry out vapor pressure osometry and spectroscopic measurements to probe surfactant self-assembly in water.
Carl Alphonce Computer Science & Engineering Assisted a team in building documentation for pedagogral software design to help beginning students learn about software design. The goal was to resolve bugs in the system and contribute new functionality where necessary.
Stelios Andreadis Chemical and Biological Engineering Maxi-prep, Elisa, Cell stains.
Fred Archen III Women and Children's Hospital Dept. Pediatrics Shadow during clinic hours, and be involved in history taking for patients in an urban pediatric setting at Women and Children's Hospital. Be exposed to physical exam techniques and the initial aspects of assessments and treatment plans.
Thomas Balk Buffalo Police Department Crime scene documentation, imaging crime scene, data base entry.
Rajan Batta Industrial & Systems Engineering Dept. Work on a homeland security research project related to routing of unmanned aerial vehicles in the setting of a military mission. The techniques used are math related and the whole idea is to show the student how math can be used for something useful and related to the defense of our country. The student will be expected to do significant reading on the topic.
Fern Beavers Buffalo VA Hospital Department of Psychiatry Will be assigned to a special project that will involve audio and video interviewing of veterans (male and female). This project is historical because it will be the first publication highlighting the stories of African American men and women who have serviced.
Glenna Bett Obstetrics/Gynecology Will prepare oocytes for mRNA injection.
Piero Bianco Microbiology & Immunology; Biochemistry Analyze single molecule movies of Rad 54 data and present them.
Jonathan Bird Micro-electronic Fabrication Laboratory, Electrical Engineering Department Semiconductor Micro-fabrication: Learn techniques of semiconductor microfabrication and apply these to the realization of semiconductor nanodevices.
Mary Bisson Biological Sciences Analyze the effect of light on the growth of dark-grown plants. Dark grown plants (like bean sprouts) have long stems and reduced leaf and root structures.
Christina Boyd Political Science Coding from the beginning of the dockets, the types of attorneys representing the parties and defendant.
Gayle Brazeau Dept. Pharmaceutical Sciences Project in Pharmaceutical Genetics Lab involved with isolating DNA and methods to evaluate gene expression such as Real Time PCR and microarrays.
Peggy Brooks-Bertram Uncrowned Queens Institute Analysis and data collection.
Stanley Bruckenstein Medicinal Chemistry Senior Research- Cyclic Voltammetry.
Michael Buckley Computer Science and Engineering Investigate, specify, purchase and install biometric sensors for the NYSTAR incident responds monitoring system.
Lisa Burrows-Maclean Center for Children & Families Behavioral Modification and the Use of Stimulants: Differential Treatment Methods of Children Diagnosed with ADHD and SMD.
Linda Caley School of Nursing Research on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder
Steven Capp Mechanical Engineering Alternative energy systems
Steven Capp Osterstrom Crisis Services Center Crisis Intervention via crisis hotline; Referrals; Speaking engagements and recruitments.
Randy Carter Biostatistics Department Identifying the existence of a relationship between the cardiometabolic risk index and subsequent disease, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Alexander Cartwright Electrical Engineering Testing of sensor readout interfaces, including ADC's and amplifiers. Development of hybrid solar cells.
Alice Ceacareanu UB Pharmacy Practice Dept. Be involved in clinical and research projects to understand the ethics of a clinical study, how to design, implement, analyze and disseminate research findings. Join in aiming at elucidating the impact of cholesterol management in cancer outcomes in diabetics.
Sherry Chemler Chemistry Synthesis of compounds relevant to work, purification of compounds synthesized characterizations of purified compounds.
P.C Cheng Electrical Engineering The project will involve the construction of bio-models for photoelastics. The technique uses the principle of how isotopes material become bi-refringement when under stress. The technique is intended to study the stress distribution within biological specimens.
James Clements   Plymerase chain reaction (PCR) based genotypying of multiple mouse gene-targeted and transgenic lines. PCR-based analysis of specific gene expression in multiple cell lines and munae tissues.
Mariana Coutinho Cognitive Psychology Lab Be responsible for elderly and efficient utilization of participants in our experiment. Responsibilities include scheduling time and reception for participants, informative and clear briefing of participants, debriefing, experiment execution and demographic data collection.
Doris Corley Catholic Charities of Buffalo Performed community outreach, office duties, and client transactions. Assessment case management, F/F interview, record keeping.
John Crassidis Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering First task is to learn about the basic equations used to determine the orientation of a space craft vehicle from line of sight observations using sensors such as star cameras. Them Kalman filter will be designed that will optimally fuse various possible orientation solutions.
Paul Cullen Biological Sciences The purpose of this research is to evaluate the regulatory behavior of the Ras2 protein in the filamentous growth pathway, and how it communicates with the MAP kinase pathway.
Gerard Danoios VA WNY Healthcare System Provide physical therapy and recreational services.
Tammie Lee Demler Buffalo Psychiatric Center Pharmacy aid activities, medication restocking, medication cart filling, reviewing a stock to remove expired medications, assisted in tasks as requests by the pharmacist.
Michael Detty Chemistry Photodynamic damage to DNA will be examined using various photosensitizer and light.
Deb Dibble UB Child Care Center Planning, organizing and implementing program activities, prepare and maintain educational material, supervise activities, support good nutrition habits and socialization skills.
Antwan Diggs, Sr. City of Buffalo Weed and Seed Data base administration, electronic kid trax system. Help with community events, financial literacy workshop, organized files and supervise youth program.
Abiola Dipeolu Psychology (CSEP) Literature Search Scoring instruments used in research and preparing packets ready for the data analysis phase of the research project.
Matthew Disney Department of Chemistry Perform Reverse Transcription PCR, RNA Synthesis, Micro array analysis of RNA-binding ligands, Bioinformatics and RNA folding, RNA-Ligand binding assays.
Judy Dorsheimer VA Western New York Health Care Responsible for exam grading, dental assisting and clerical work.
Arthur M. Edelman Pharmacology & Toxicology Perform literary search and mass spectrometry
Maureen England Bennett High School Assist in providing academic and social-emotional counsel, scheduling parent conferences, and documenting transcripts. Also attend seminars and conferences.
Folarin Erogbogbo Chemical & Biological Engineering, Institute for Lasers Photonics and Biophotonics Perform general laboratory duties including researching peer review journals, lab maintenance, etc.
Gregory Fabiano Center for Children and Families Conduct observations in early childhood classrooms across the WNY area. Use a state of the art, multifaceted classroom observation system to assess classroom quality and teachers’ use of effective classroom management strategies.
Andre Filiatrault Civil Engineering Investigation aimed at assessing the strength and quality of concrete masonry units (CMUs) manufactured in Haiti and compared with those manufactured in the United States.
Jeremy Finn Counseling School and Educational Psychology Help with library research and design a study of student engagement and a summary chapter of research to date on this topic.
David Forliti Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Characterization of royal sudden expansion combustion clamber. Optical time resolved measurements, temperature measurement.
Michael Garrick Department of Biochemistry Work on cell line, expand research on nuclear localization of divalent metal transporter in BEAS-2B cells. Also, use several antibodies to DMTI (divalent metal transporter) to stain fixed cells grown under selected conditions.
Judith Gentry-Smith NYS Attorney General’s/Bureau of Consumer Fraud Study consumer protection laws, analyze consumer complaint mail, mediate disputes between consumers and merchants.
Minister James Giles Back to Basics Outreach Facilitate group discussions, research weekly curriculum for weekly discussions, serve as a mentor for the young people.
Federico Gonzalez-Fernandez Veteran Affairs Research Building Focus on claiming the recombinant IRBP protein.
Mary Rose Graham Buffalo General Hospital Run errands, assist with patients going to the lab and pharmacy, and passing out linen.
Shawn Gull Veteran’s Memorial Hospital Assist nursing staff in the compassionate care of patients and their families.
Robert Hard Pathology Department Learn to: 1) Make tissue culture media, 2.) Perform sterile culture techniques, 3.) Dissociate, count and paisage cells, 4.) Culture cells 5.) Image cells using phase optics.
Jan Hastrup Psychology Literature review of recent tobacco control research. Learn computerized data Analysis using the SPSS program. Analyze data form a recent research projection beliefs about tobacco and nicotine.
Larry Hawk Center for Children and Families Research assistant on data reduction, entry, analysis of studies of incentives and ADHD, Lab meetings, assistance with data, library work, relevant clerical responsibilities.
Cassandra Hoebbel Social and Preventative Medicine Report on the Western NY Wellness Works Regional Resource Center, general administrative tasks as needed
Sheila Hoepfinger Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Department of Pathology Pick up and deliver pathology specimen from surgery and clinics to the Pathology Department. Made and labeled tissue slides for use in histology.
Ronald Huefner School of Management Assist with the drafting of instructions notes and collection of materials, internet searches on fraud topics
Nadine James Cell Stress Biology Assist in the synthesis of certain multimodal agents used to treat and image tumors. These agent(s) are photosensitizers conjugated to specific sluorophores. Upon synthesis of the required compounds he will assess the in vitro activity of these agent(s) using a specific tumor cell line.
James Jensen Environmental Engineering Research sustainable housing, including alternative energy sources.
Mary Ann Jezewski UB School of Nursing NIH funded study. Guide readings related to research method, the transtheroritical Model and advance directions. Participate in research team meetings, data collections and data analysis.
Jennifer Jones VA WNY Healthcare System Cardiac Rehab Assist with organizing patient education materials, cleaning exercise equipment, and orienting new patients to Cardiac Rehab Program.
Robert Joynt School of Dental Medicine Work in the clinics with the Dental assistants and third and fourth year dental students observing patient care.
William Jusko Pharmaceutical Sciences Accessing PBPK/PD profile of methotrexate which is commonly used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. Student will also observe, learn and help with other research duties.
Rajiv Kishore School of Management Science & Systems Transcribe confidential research interviews and coded data
Venkat Krovi Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Perform Virtual Prototype Development of Robotics Devices.
Rene Lamonaco UB Child Care Will be assisting in planning, organizing and implementing program activities when requested by the lead teacher or the Center Director.
Lynn Larkin Futures Academy Shadow/observe to get a sense of the school. Assist and run social groups, coordinate with on going services.
Gloria Lee Counseling, School, Educational Psychology Assist in photocopying and compiling survey packets for caregivers project and vocational project. Assist in calling and organizing participants for parents and adolescents interview, conducting interviews, checking returned surveys, following up with parents and adolescents, SPSS data entry, and if interested, assist in checking and scoring other protocols by other researchers in the team.
Techung Lee Biomedical Research Building DNA cloning
Kemper Lewis NYS Center for Eng Design & Industrial Innovation Development and operation of dashboard modelling a speedometer, tachometer and other functionalities as determined by the projection.
Li Lin Industrial & Systems Engineering Study how health care practitioners use electronic patient tracking systems in order to understand how this type of technology impacts health care work and provide information that may help design new systems or train people to use these systems. Assist with analysis of practice workflows and software use.
Qing Lin Chemistry Carry out experiments using various techniques, run necessary errands to obtain supplies, follow the lead of graduate assistant.
William Lobbins Erie County Equal Employment Opportunity Work on assigned projects and activities
Carl Lund Chemical and Biological Engineering Work with graduate students to prepare & characterize thin oxide films on metal.
Qing Ma Pharmacy Practice Cardiovascular disorders including hypolipidemia, insulin resistance and other metabolic syndrome in HIV-infected patients with substance abuse. Data collection comparative analysis, statistical analysis, report and poster presented.
Judge James McLeod Buffalo City Court Conducted case research, shadowed the Judge. Was involved in case briefings and researched criminal and civil matters as an intern at The Buffalo City Court.
Peter McQuiller Community Health Center of Buffalo Conduct patient screenings, set up blood work and took patient EKG's. Help patients and their families understand instructions given by medically trained staff. Help process patients documents.
Kathryn Medler Biological Sciences Use molecular and immunocytochemical techniques to identify proteins involved in a newly identified signaling pathway in taste cells
Thomas Melendy Microbiology and Immunology Carry out research project to design DNA substrates with site-specific damage lesions, construct such templates for further experiments, participate in weekly lab conferences, present data and perform other lab duties.
Gene Morse Pharmacy Department Complete a training period to learn to “Introduction to HIV pharmacogenomics.” Student will also be in the UB pharmacy therapy research center.
Gilberto Mosqueda Civil Engineering Working in the lab and programming software to simulate the seismic response of structures. Develop educational modules exposing K-12 students to advanced technologies for seismic protection of structures.
J.D Murray MGMT Science & Systems Assist with development and expansion of information assurance. Assist with ongoing computer lab maintenance.
Bangia Naveen Department of Immunology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute Proteasome Activator 200kD is a protein that is conserved from yeast to humans. The intern will attempt to verify proteomics based results using siRNA knockdown of PA200 followed by western blot analysis for EIF5 alpha.
Briannon O’Connor Center for Children and Families Social skills training, program counselor, paraprofessional treatment provider, data collection
Kwang Oh Electrical Engineering Assist in the research of microfluidic gradient generators, which is used for the application of particle separation in DNA, proteins, & nanometer-scaled particles.
Andrew Olewnik NYSCEDII Work on the following: 1. Literature review/ Product research for conference paper. 2.) Developing an approach for assessment/ Design/ fabrication of a mass customized mouse-contamination/extension to her project from summer 2009.
James Olsen Pharmacology & Toxicology Several biochemical assays will be performed to test hypothesis and determine hepatic cytochrome P450 content, quantifying Cyp1a1 activity and using semi-quantitative PCR to determine Cyp1a1 activity and exposure groups.
Eric Osuch Exercise Science/Nutrition Work independently with the members on all equipment setting up personalized programs with the client club management, servicing members and preparing protein shakes.
Victor Paquet Industrial & System Engineering Assist with focus group and a usability study involving individuals with physical disabilities. Transcribe audio tapes of the focus group sessions.
Lora Park Dept. of Psychology Run experiments in social psychology, and entering data. Run studies, attend lab meetings.
Sheldon Park Chemical and Biological Engineering Dept. Investigate the effect of expressing a protein G peptide fragment in bacteria.
Eris Perese UB School of Nursing Preparation of manuscript: handbook for psychiatric nurse practitioners. Proofread for clarity; check references for inclusion; update computer search for resilience and recovery topics.
Anna Peryea Wellness Education Services Work on the Hopeline Project, serve on the violence Prevention Committee, plan events, assist with the formation of a women’s Health Group.
Sherry Pomeroy UB School of Nursing 1.) Participate in research team meetings. 2.) Participate in consent process of participants 3.) Observe and participate in data collection using approved instruments and surveys. 4.) Participate in accelerometry protocol using actigraphs. 5.) Assist with data entry. 6.) Assist with data analysis of actigraphy data.
Richard Rabin UB Pharmacology and Toxicology Learn basic laboratory and tissue cultures techniques necessary to carry out studies to investigate whether ethanol increases paragast induced eroptosis and whether ethanol increases paraplast-induced activation of microglia.
Bina Ramamurthy Computer Science & Engineering Department Research geared toward implementing embedded systems in mobile devices. Working on the challenges of systems and scaling down the size of devices with increased functionality.
Randall Rasmusson Physiology & Biophysics Research wet bench experimental techniques including surgical techniques, RNA handling, microinjection & cell cultures.
Karol Rejman School of Nursing Assist with data collection, manuscript preparation, and poster preparation.
Mattie Rhodes Nursing Horizontal Violence: Nurse on Nurse Violence Statistics of patient to nurse, visitor to nurse, and doctor to nurse violence.
Lance S. Rintamaki Communication/ Health Behavior Data entry (excel data and transcription), assistance with data collection, data organization and coding, assistance with literature collection for pending research publications.
Katie Rittenhouse-Olsen Biotechnical & Clinical Laboratory Sciences Conduct buffer preparation, autoclaving, observation and participation in various experiments.
Jonathan Rivera Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering Reinforced concrete squat walls are walls that have aspect ratios (height-to-length) less than two. These walls are important structural elements because they are designed to take the lateral loading that may be imposed on a wall. Research includes large-scale testing and numerical analysis.
John Roberts Depression Research and Treatment Program Run a group test study, scoring memory responses and entering data.
James Roemmich Department of Pediatrics, Division of Behavioral Medicine Intern will be trained on all aspects of each study including recruitment, screening, assisting on home visits, collecting, processing and inputing data.
Brian Ruffino Ruffino Law Firm Prepared legal documents that were used in real estate transactions and matters of criminal procedure.
Richard Rubin Pharmacology & Toxicology Investigate the interaction between ethanol and activities on neuronal functions. Duties involved maintaining cell cultures, carrying out protein assays, measuring ATP levels, and using dyes to measure cytotoxicity and mitochondrial membrane potential.
Richard Salvi Communicative Disorders and Sciences Rat brain tissue processing: cutting, immunolabeling, mounting on slides for microscopy, light microscopy, analysis of rat brain tissue sections, identification and counting specific neurons.
Elaine Sattelberg VA Western New York Orthopedics Unit Work in the clinic and be responsible for distribution of any patient lab work to the necessary (microbiology, serology, virology, hematology etc.). The main goal here is to expose student to patient-contact experiences.
Shauna Sauberan Pharmaceutical Sciences Assist the research technician and graduate students with daily lab procedures, including Wester Blot and enzyme assays for projects in progress. Also help with making up solutions necessary for experimental producers. Possibly collecting samples for cumulative creatine kinase release project and data analysis.
John Schneider Electrical Engineering The use of Infrared spectroscopy to make fingerprint scanner that distinguishes live finger from an artificial finger.
Stephanie Sciandra The Spectrum Student Periodical Assisting instructor of advance writing class with current events and journalism research, copy editing and style research, additional reporting and research for articles in preparation for print, research for copy editor for AP Style technique and for editorial editor in preparation for opinion piece.
Surajit Sen Physics Work on computer simulation based studies of Battles Between an intelligent army and an insurgent army.
Mark Seery UB Psychology Department Scoring psychophysiological data; coding of participant audio/video; study of psychophysiological methodology; preparation of research poster.
Othman Shibly Biological Sciences Will Participate and help in clinical Research on Implant Dentistry. Help and observe surgical dental procedure. Attend didactic course.
Fraser Sim Pharmacology & Toxicology Characterization of GPR155, a novel gene coupled protein receptors through techniques such as immunohistochemistry, western blotting, and mass spectometry.
Leonard Simms Department of Psychology Assisted in lab experiments alongside the Psychology supervisor to analyze the outcome of the individual project.
Satpal Singh Pharmacology & Toxicology Experiments with fruit flies (Drosophile). These experiments will be on genetic mutations that affect ion channels.
Tarunraj Singh Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Design and fabrication of a device for the source localization of a heat source.
Puneet Singla Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Focus on are radio-controlled miniature quadrotor helicopters in the Lab for Autonomous Intelligent Robotic Systems. The first step in the project will focus on studying the kinematics and dynamics of the UAVs to derive a mathematical model describing the position of each helicopter with respect to a “chief” helicopter.
Lee Ann Sinha Biochemistry Duties will include manipulation of recombinant DNA, cell culture, cell transfection, Western blotting, reverse transcriptase, PCR and protein purifications.
Satrajit Sinha Biochemistry Will be assigned a research project that will allow intern to learn about basic molecular biology techniques and the necessary background information about gene regulation.
Barry Smith Department of Philosophy Study geneontology and review literature on its development and uses to extract those parts which use ordinary natural language expressions such as cell death, and growth to create a sub-ontology consisting of just these terms.
Matthew Souza McClelland Small Animal Hospital Observe surgical procedure and treatments, assist technicians with in-house lab work, assist with examinations and learn how to become confident and secure working around animals
Peter St. Jean Department of Sociology Attended community meetings regarding the assistance of aiding community organizations with capacity building. Also assisted in field research and preproduction of the film: “Lessons from Homicides: The Buffalo Story.”
Ram Sridhar Department of Computer Science Engineer Study current state of the art in wearable computers. Consider the hardware architecture and software issues. Consider numerous applications.
Weifang Su Electrical Engineering Search current status of using Ultra Wide Band techniques and compare different UWB Technical proposals.
Mark Sutton Biochemistry Sterile technique- working with e-coli, preparing and running sds-page with e-coli samples, performing western blot procedures, isolating plasmid DNA from e-coli, transformation of e-coli with plasmid DNA.
Mark Swihart Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering Perform synthesis and characterization of silicon and silicon-germanium nanoparticles. Processing of nanoparticles for use in solar cells.
Kenneth Takeuchi Chemistry Perform literature search, learn the use of laboratory glassware and equipment, practicing and perfecting good laboratory techniques, keeping good records and plotting data.
Heather Telford Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired Create client charts, assist clients with devices, schedule appointments for clients of the vision clinic etc.
Edmund Thomas Edmund Thomas DDS Prepare and lay out the instruments and materials required to treat each patient and obtain patient’s dental records. Work alongside the dentist to provide assistance, prepare materials for impressions and restorations, process X-ray film as directed by the dentist, assist with laboratory duties, make casts of the teeth and mouth from impressions, clean and polish removable appliances, insurance claim entry, and stock supplies.
Sharon Thomas Buffalo Court Clerical support to the Chief clerk's office to monitor and observe specialty courts and other parts of court, assist in criminal records and assist in civil, also small claims court. Answering phones, assisting the public, making copies, filing, observe supreme/ county and four family court justice center.
Machiko Tomita Department of Rehabilitation Science Effects of Tai Chi for patients with heart failure and diabetes.
Wan-Jun Tsai Pharmaceutical Sciences Assist in data analysis and develop a western blot assay detecting rat myostatin protein in muscle samples.
Marina Tsianou Chemical and Biological Engineering Perform experiments on general area of polymer-surfactant interaction in aqueous media. Be responsible for sample preparation, measurement using UV florescent spectrophotometry, analysis of the result and report writing and presentation.
Emmanouhl Tzanakakis UB Chemical Engineering Develop design of experiment (DOE) methodologies for stem cell differentiation to various lineages, participate in laboratory experiments for stem cell differentiation, optimize (based on DOE) the differentiation protocols in the lab.
Betilina Walker 21st Century After School Program Teach behavioral management and character modification to special education students, grades 7 and 8.
Claude Welch Political Science Assisted supervisor with research on upcoming book, “Protecting Human Rights Globally.” Also audited PSC 430 Human Rights course to gain broader background.
Scott Wersinger Behavior Neuroscience Psychology Scoring behaviors using a computer program, analyzing data, interpret data, review articles.
Lynn Whitehead Erie County Medical Center Nursing Dept. Vital sign monitoring ROM, pulse oximetry.
Andrew S. Whittaker Civil Engineering Department Website development. Instrumentation of test specimens and data reduction.
Deborah Williams Erie County SPCA Duties involved cleaning and disinfection, drawing up vaccines, helping veterinary doctor with afternoon treatments.
Beatrice Wood School of Medicine and BioMed Sciences Greeting participants and their families, explaining the study procedures and obtaining consent, administering questionnaires, entering data, maintaining a data base, simple SPSS statistics, literature searches and assistance in grant preparation.
Troy Wood Chemistry Primary project will entail electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for protein sequencing. This involves enzymatic digestions, centrifugation, and characterization of structural features of peptides.
Michael Wright University at Buffalo Facilities Planning & Design Perform site design, plans and perspective drawings for Davide Schrader Memorial at the Mackay Heating Plant. Various other projects doing cap drawings as needed.
Chang Xu Industrial and System Engin. Dept. Evaluate human workload using electronic device: Set up equipment, conduct experiments, collected and analyzed data and write final reports.
Weihong Xu Accounting Department Work on an accounting project on recent account regulations
Michael Yu Dept. of Biological Sciences Student will assist graduate students in dissecting the role of protein arginine methyltransferase in gene expression. Perform a combination of molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry techniques.
Jun Zhuang Dept. Industrial & Systems Engineering Integrating game theory and applied math tools to study the strategic interaction and impacts of hazards (e.g. terrorism, natural disasters). Conduct literature review and modeling for the application of social media to disaster preparedness and relief.
Jennifer Zirnheld Energy System Institute Analysis of various battery chemistries will be conducted. Focus on signal processing which is used in many popular electrical devices. Conduct research on the partial characteristics of dielectric materials. Work on characterizing several different electrochemical energy storage devices. Research the design of printed circuit Boards (PCB).
Israel Zivi VA Western New York Orthopedics Unit Responsible for distributing patient lab work to its respective department (microbiology, serology, virology, hematology etc.). Exposed to patient-contact experiences and research on orthopedics.

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