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Academic Overview

EOP Freshmen Courses:

We encourage all EOP freshmen to take the CPM 101 Freshmen Experience course. Typically EOP counselors will be teaching these courses. This gives all EOP freshmen close contact with an advisor, plus you will be given essential information needed to be successful here at UB. The classes will provide you with basic study skills, time management tips, an introduction to other support offices on campus, and some financial aid regulations.

EOP Sponsored Courses:

EOP sponsored courses are available for any EOP students. These classes have smaller enrollments to ensure that students’ progress is closely monitored.¬†In addition, tutors who sit in the class help reinforce the material by conducting study group sessions and/or individual tutoring in the Tutoring and Academic Resource Center. If you are interested in taking one of these courses please, see your EOP advisor.

  • PSY 101 —Introduction to Psychology (Fall and Spring semesters)
  • UGC111 — World Civilization I (Fall semester only)
  • UGC112 — World Civilization II (Spring semester only)
  • CPM 203 — Academic Survival Techniques (Fall and Spring semester)
  • MTH141 — Calculus
  • MTH142 — College Calculus II
  • NTR108 — Human Nutrition

Remember to always check with your EOP advisor if you are looking to resign or drop a class; they can alert you to any academic and/ or financial consequences.

Visit the Registrar website for important dates for each semester.

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