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Academic Intervention Program (AIP)

The EOP Academic Intervention Program (AIP) was designed specifically for our students who are experiencing academic difficulties and can benefit from additional support resources, monitoring and intervention. Students in this group include any EOP student on academic probation, freshmen students on academic warning, students who elect to opt into this group or those who are recommended by their EOP Counselor. We want to be certain that our students are clear about the academic expectations of the EOP program and the University at Buffalo. We hope to answer any student pending questions during the mandatory meeting.

AIP students are notified of their status at the start of the semester via email from the AIP Coordinator as well as their EOP Counselor. These emails contain information about AIP requirements, terms and most importantly how to get back on track academically. AIP student requirements include meeting with your Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Counselor at the start of the semester, signing an Academic Intervention Contract, attending the mandatory Academic Intervention Program (AIP) EOP meeting and participating in mandatory weekly EOP Counseling and Academic Coaching meetings.

*Note: Students with class conflicts that prevent them from attending any of the mandatory AIP requirements need to notify their EOP Counselor immediately.

In EOP we understand that there are many factors that can lead to academic difficulties: health concerns, emotional difficulties, inadequate academic preparation, lack of self-discipline, and so on. If you feel you have the ability to produce satisfactory college level work but are being hindered in doing so by personal problems; we urge you to seek assistance from any of the available services on campus. Your EOP Counselor is available to help you make the necessary connections to ensure your success at the University of Buffalo.

A hopeless person sees difficulties in every chance, a hopeful person sees chances in every difficulty.

~Iman Ali

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