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Arthur O. Eve Annual Awards Ceremony

Each year the EOP Director and staff honor EOP students who have achieved above a 3.0 average for a semester at the Arthur O. Eve Annual EOP Awards Ceremony.  All graduates are also honored, as well as student leaders (William Greiner Award), the highest achieving graduating senior (the Percy Sutton Award), and the student who has achieved at a high level in spite of serious challenges (the Arthur O. Eve Award).  The student who achieves the highest grade in the summer program is also honored. There is a monetary award that accompanies these awards. There is also a 4.0 club for those students who have achieved a perfect average during the previous academic year.

Students invite family, friends, faculty and staff to join in the celebration of these accomplishments. There is entertainment during the program, usually performed by talented EOP students. It is an event that the UB community looks forward to every year and enjoys with a reception following the program. We take great pride in our students and their success.


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