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Support Services

The most successful students use all of the available services in order to reach their full potential.

Tutoring and Academic Resource Center

The Tutoring and Academic Resource Center is a great place to get tutoring, study, attend study groups, and use the computers. There are 80 tutors on staff to help you with any and all of your courses. Tutors can help clarify concepts, give you study tips, and help you monitor your progress.

If you are having over all concerns, you can see an Academic Coach. Make an appointment with an Academic Coach who can help you with basic study skills and time management strategies. You can meet with an Academic Coach weekly throughout the semester or as needed. Checkout our Tutoring and Academic Resource Center for details about how to request a tutor.


Workshop are run throughout the semester on various topics such as time management, financial advisement, study abroad, and internships. There are several workshops available; check the bulletin board in the Tutoring and Academice Resource Center or see your EOP advisors for dates and times.

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