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Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for admission to the EOP at the University at Buffalo, a student must meet the following requirements:

All applicants must:

  • Be a New York State resident.
  • Have a High School diploma or its equivalent.
  • Be educationally disadvantaged but showing the potential for successfully completing a college program.
  • Meet the income eligibility guidelines outlined in the table below.

The eligibility guidelines are for income received during calendar year 2011 and are in effect for first-time freshman applicants entering UB for fall 2012 and spring 2013. Eligibility limits are reviewed periodically and are subject to change.

2013-14 EOP Financial Eligibility Guidelines

Household Size* (including head of household) Total Annual Income in Previous Calendar Year
1 $21,257
2 $28,694
3 $36,131
4 $43,568
5 $51,005
6 $58,442
7 $65,879
8 $73,316

*For each additional family member add $7,326

Income Guidelines Do Not Apply If:

  1. The student’s family is the recipient of:
    1. family assistance or safety net payments through the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance;
    2. family assistance or safety net payments through a county Department of Social Services; or
    3. family day care payments through the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.
  2. The student lives with foster parents who do not provide support for college and the student’s natural parents provide no such support.
  3. The student is a ward of the state or county.

Eligibility for Transfer Students

Transfer students are eligible if they have been enrolled in EOP, HEOP (Higher Educational Opportunity Program), SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge), CD (College Discovery), a program similar to EOP, of a college which has traditionally served under-represented, disadvantaged populations. If no EOP or similar program existed at the previous college at the time the applicant attended, and the student eligible, the applicant should notify the UB Office of Admissions so that a determination of EOP eligibility can be made.

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