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Transfer Experience Seminar

Course Description (Two-Credit Course):

This course is designed to provide support for transfer students in making the adjustment into a large university setting. The course will offer a series of strategies that if used and applied, will help the student achieve both academic and personal success. The course will also provide an orientation of campus resources and support services available to all students. This is a rigorous course where class attendance, participation, and consistent quality of effort are expected.

Course Objectives:

  • Increase the student’s ability to use effective time management strategies
  • Develop the students’ ability to set goals and understand the goal setting process
  • Help the student develop critical thinking skills
  • Increase the ability to use effective methods for preparing for tests and coping with text anxiety
  • Help the student understand learning styles
  • Help the student’s growth with communication skills
  • Help the student know about other resources available on campus

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