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Sharin Saado (Class of 2019)

EOP has helped me so much. I'm a transfer student from Buffalo State and transferring to University at Buffalo. At first it was a scary process for me because UB is so much bigger.

I felt like I was going to be overlooked. When I got to UB the EOP staff members were welcoming, friendly and helpful. Linda an EOP staff member always asked me how my classes were going and to always come to her if I needed a tutor. She went out of her way to find me a legal studies tutor and even offered to help me herself. EOP makes sure students have a easy change and makes the whole process less stressful. They are always there to help whenever help is needed. I'm thankful for EOP.

Andrison Santos (Class of 2017)

After finishing my freshmen year in Buffalo State College, I transitioned into my 2nd academic year as a University at Buffalo transfer student. EOP has welcomed with me with open arms, dating back to the very first phone call from my advisor, Mrs. Gudiya, inviting me to meet with her and help me transition into the university. Since then, EOP has taken a role in my life as, not only a source of support, but also a source of success.

EOP has given me necessary exposure to various programs and opportunities on campus that match my intended career. From working as a community health educator with local health groups such as UNYTS (Upstate New York Transplant Services), to going on medical missions to Honduras in efforts to provide health care to those in need, or even becoming a Residential Advisor for 2 years, EOP has played the critical role in introducing me to programs like CSTEP (The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program), PMWB (Pre-Meds Without Borders), and more, that have allowed me to make the most of my undergraduate career.

Lisa N. Burgess (Class of 2015)

I came to UB as a transfer student from Erie Community College. I remember feeling overwhelmed because of how big the UB campus and class sizes were. I didn’t know my way around or how to register for classes until I received a phone call from someone in the EOP office who said they were going to be my advisor.

I was so elated to find out that I had been assigned someone to help me through this difficult transition. My advisor made an appointment with me immediately and helped me find out everything I needed to know. After meeting with her I felt a sense of relief to know that I would be supported throughout my transition and semester at UB. If I did not have an EOP advisor I would have considered giving up and not continuing my education because I was so overwhelmed. My advisor has gone above and beyond to make sure that my transition at UB went as smooth as possible.

My first semester I ended with a 3.5 GPA, because I had so much support from my EOP advisor, as well as others who encouraged me to keep going. I would advise anyone who is transitioning to UB to contact the EOP office as well as other offices that can help to support you through your journey at UB. They will give you all the information you need to succeed and make sure your experience at UB is a positive one. I am so grateful to have EOP because they have made me a better person and student.

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