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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I required to attend?

A. Yes, as an accepted to UB student, enrolled in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), you are required to attend.

Q. How long is the program?

The Summer Program is a four-week residential program. Students must stay on campus, and will reside in the residence halls, during the entirety of the program, including weekends.

Q. Where will I be living?

A. Students are housed in the Ellicott Complex on the North campus. As in the regular school year, there will be a Resident Counselor (RC) assigned to each floor. Students are assigned a roommate upon arrival.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. . Travel light! Bring no more than 1 large suitcase and 1 carry-on.

  • A valid government-issued photo ID to receive your UB card (driver’s license, passport, military ID, or state issued non-driver’s ID) You need a UB ID card in order to eat meals during the program.
  • pillow, blanket, twin-size bed sheets and pillow cases
  • Medical insurance ID card
  • Twin extra-long sheets, blanket and pillow


  • Alarm clock
  • Clothes Hanger
  • Sunblock
  • Calculator
  • Book bag
  • Spending money

Permitted items

  • Laptop computer
  • Cell Phone
  • Ipod or music player with headphones
  • Small fan for residence hall with no air conditioning

Following items NOT permitted

  • Boom boxes
  • Television
  • Water toys
  • Microwaves
  • Hot plates

Note: if you possess any illegal drugs, weapons or alcohol, it is cause for IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL form the Summer Program and possibly from the University at Buffalo

Q. What type of clothing should I bring?

A. Seasonal, summer, appropriate, school clothing. Umbrella and/or rain gear, along with comfortable shoes and sneakers. One business casual outfit for the Awards Ceremony at the end of the program.

Q. Can I bring a car?

A. No cars are allowed on campus during the EOP Summer Program.

Q. Where do I eat?

A. Meals are at various food areas on campus. Meals are provided and are a part of program.

Q. Is this only an academic program?

A. No, there are planned recreational and social activities. Some of the recreational activities include movie nights, basketball, volleyball, Ping-Pong, chess, pool and card tournaments. Social activities include picnics and an end-of-summer awards ceremony.

Q. Can I get college credit for these summer classes?

A. The Summer Bridge Program registers EOP students in credit-bearing college courses and introduces them to the UB campus community through a full slate of social and recreational extra-curricular activities.

Q. What if I have problems with any classes? Can I get help?

A. Absolutely! Summer Program faculty members are available and willing to discuss course material and much more. Tutors are assigned to classes and have established meetings with students outside of the classroom. Tutors are trained to assist students and have a vast knowledge of the subject area they are tutoring. You will also meet regularly with your EOP Counselor, and can discuss any problems or concerns you may have.

Q. How do I know what my Student Person Number is?

A. You received your person number with your acceptance letter. You can also look up your person number by logging in to your MyUB account.

Q. Will I know anyone?

A. We accept students from several different high schools and you never know if you will know someone. Check out our Facebook page and join the Summer 2016 group and meet your classmates online before coming here.

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