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Welcome to CPMC

The Cora P. Maloney College (CPMC), formerly known as the Center for Academic Development Services (CADS), is focused on enhancing the University at Buffalo experience. Chartered in 1976, the CPMC focuses on a range of educational issues including; academic achievement and enhancement, social justice and cross cultural awareness. CPMC fosters the interconnectivity between UB students and their living and learning community, providing for a transformative undergraduate experience that supports growth in Buffalo and Western New York.

CPMC is directly involved in UB’s mission to:

  1. Increase access and opportunity
  2. Support orientation and first year student services
  3. Enhance academic support and retention to graduation
  4. Offer academic enrichment and undergraduate research
  5. Support community involvement and community service
  6. Prepare for and motivate graduate study

The CPMC program includes:

The University at Buffalo is committed to ensuring equal access to its programs and activities. See UB’s entire notice of non-discrimination.

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