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The Access to College Excellence (ACE) Program serves as an integral part of the University at Buffalo’s effort to promote access and inclusion by welcoming and admitting a broad range of academically talented diverse group of students and providing educational services designed to help them succeed. The goal of the ACE program is to provide support services to its students during the first two years of study and offer resources needed to maximize their abilities, facilitate the transition from high school to college and ensure successful entry into an academic major at UB.

ACE Program Mission

The mission of the ACE program is to identify, through a cooperative relationship with the Office of Admissions, academically talented students who are capable and willing to add their own unique talent to the fabric of the UB community of learners. ACE serves as a support system for its students throughout their first two years in college. Through relationships with the administration, faculty and staff, we assist in the encouragement and facilitation of co-curricular opportunities for our students, which will allow them to meet the University's mission of creating a diverse, inclusive scholarly community dedicated to bringing the benefits of its research, scholarship and creative activity, and educational excellence to global and local communities in ways that impact and positively change the world.

ACE’s goals and objectives include:

  • Promoting the access goals of the university.
  • Providing educational services designed to help students who may not meet regular admission criteria succeed at UB.
  • Providing support services and resources to maximize students’ abilities.
  • Facilitating the transition from high school to college.
  • Assisting with the successful entry into an academic major at UB.
  • Providing students individualized academic and personal advising, peer mentoring, tutoring and career guidance during their first two years of study.

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